Flyer Pluto


For everyone looking for take-along transport.

Dynamics, a smooth ride and – above all – comfort characterise this extremely stable folding bicycle. There are almost limitless opportunities for the small FLYER Pluto to provide a great deal of additional freedom. Rarely has the desire for independence and progression been better met than with this compact and practical FLYER folding bike.

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 Flyer Pluto Series

Whether you are camping, travelling by train, or out and about in town, this e-bike handles every situation with flying colours and is the perfect choice for any occasion. This one-size e-bike with agile 20-inch wheels is suitable for anyone who is 150 to 190 cm tall. With just a few easy moves the FLYER Pluto can unfold its full potential: from a piece of luggage to a show-piece of advanced mobility. The place where other means of transport reach their limit, is the starting point for an extremely clever e-bike with a concept based on pragmatism, power and spontaneity.

The perfectly tuned battery of the FLYER Pluto provides a long distance range, which means that with this practical e-bike, you can spontaneously extend your ride with a high level of assistance. It is as convenient to fold and unfold the FLYER Pluto as it is to ride it. With no limitations in terms of ergonomics, the FLYER Pluto is an easy-to-handle, practical e-bike that is full of drive and suitable for spontaneous riders who don’t let anything hold them back. The FLYER Pluto is fitted with the expected premium-quality components that not only make riding safe and speedy, but also provide the highest level of enjoyment.

A wide range of accessories ensures that you can use this FLYER e-bike in all circumstances, whether you need to pop to the corner shop or ride to work. 

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